Clint Armstrong

IT Systems and Operations engineer with expertise in building and maintaining business critical infrastructure in a variety of environments. Utilizing open source software I build reliable systems and networks that empower businesses to be more agile and do more with less. Programming experience building solutions in Go, Python and Rust.

Work Experience

11/2020 - 08/2023
Director of Decentralized Storage W3BCLOUD, Las Vegas, NV (Remote)
Head engineer responsible for storage and networking
  • Automated deployment and operations using Ansible and custom management sofware written in Go
  • Coordianted multiple datacenter deployment projects, from datacenter contract negotations through to final turn-up
  • Designed, deployed and sole operations engineer for a 20PiB storage cluster participating in the Filecoin network
    • Multiple storage backends and protocols including Ceph, ZFS and NFS
    • Filecoin operations included cluster of over 100 high performance GPUs runnning cryptographic operations.
    • Low level CPU scheduling optimizations for CPU bound cryptographic operations
    • Multiple contributions to the filecoin project to optimize our deployment
  • Designed and operated large network of GPUs for blockchain validation
    • Implemented network booting for over 20,000 machines across 2 datacenters
    • Built a cost efficient network utilizing commodity linux servers as routers, and budget layer 2 switches
    • Built tooling to automate naming and locating machines using LLDP
    • Provided secure network segmentation and VPN access for engineers using open source tools
01/2015 - 10/2020
DevOps Engineer Trillium Staffing, Kalamazoo, MI
Head engineer responsible for networking, servers and cloud services.
  • Facilitated a corporate big-data initiative building an open source, hyperconverged cluster on top of Nomad, Docker, and Ceph, and wrote several plugins and contributions to these projects to integrate them.
  • Replaced a Cisco hub-and-spoke branch VPN solution with a full mesh DMVPN between over 100 branch offices using Linux on commodity hardware.
  • Achieved datacenter IP redundancy using Linux to peer with multiple ISPs and announce provider independent IP space via BGP.
  • Introduced and standardized configuration management on a wide deployment of Linux servers improving security and maintainability.
12/2011 - 01/2015
Professional Services Engineer Secant Technologies, Kalamazoo, MI
On-Site and Remote consulting, support and engineering.
  • Frequently engaged to perform infrastructure upgrades of SANs, datacenter switches and vSphere clusters.
  • Performed migration projects for business services including email, databases and identity.
01/2011 - 12/2011
Microsoft Systems Administrator Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Responsible for design and maintenance of Active Directory, Exchange, and all other critical Microsoft services.
  • Migrated a 350,000 user environment from Exchange 2007 to a hybrid Office 365 and Exchange 2010 deployment.
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Clint Armstrong

Work Experience (continued)

2008 - 2011
Desktop Configuration Administrator Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Managed the centralized configuration of over 5000 workstations across campus.
  • Implemented and managed Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 for management of over 5000 workstations.
  • Implemented Microsoft Windows Deployment Services with a custom front-end to provide advanced automated imaging workflows for Support Technicians.
Desk-Side Support Technician Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
On-Site support technician
2005 - 2007
IT Technician Comstock Public Schools, Kalamazoo, MI
Remote and on-site support technician

Open Source

See my complete portfolio of open source work at
filecoin lotus
The official filecoin implementation. Contributed improvements to worker scheduling.
filecoin rust proofs
Storage proofs for the filecoin network. Contributed improvements to CPU core scheduling to make prooving compatible with systemd resource limits.
A docker network and IPAM plugin that connects containers to VXLANs using MacVLAN devices. Designed to be used with a routing protocol like BGP to coordinate IPAM across a cluster of hosts.
An ICMP library designed to ping multiple hosts efficiently in go. Improves on existing libraries by pinging multiple hosts while using a single raw-socket in the kernel.
A simple monitoring system that uses HTTP or TCP checks and logs data to Bosun.
A go library for common operations on IP addresses.
A go library for manipulating ZFS filesystems.
A salt module for generating random passwords and storing them in pass.
Wrote the x509 module and contributed several bug fixes.
containernetworking/plugins (CNI Networking)
Added functionality for managing mac addresses of connected containers