Clint Armstrong

IT Systems and Operations engineer with expertise in building and maintaining business critical infrastructure in a variety of environments. Utilizing open source software I build reliable systems and networks that empower businesses to be more agile and do more with less. Programming experience building solutions in Go and Python.

Work Experience

01/2015 - Present
DevOps Engineer Trillium Staffing, Kalamazoo, MI
Head engineer responsible for networking, servers and cloud services.
  • Facilitated a corporate big-data initiative building an open source, hyperconverged cluster on top of Nomad, Docker, and Ceph, and wrote several plugins and contributions to these projects to integrate them.
  • Replaced a Cisco hub-and-spoke branch VPN solution with a full mesh DMVPN between over 100 branch offices using Linux on commodity hardware.
  • Achieved datacenter IP redundancy using Linux to peer with multiple ISPs and announce provider independent IP space via BGP.
  • Introduced and standardized configuration management on a wide deployment of Linux servers improving security and maintainability.
12/2011 - 01/2015
Professional Services Engineer Secant Technologies, Kalamazoo, MI
On-Site and Remote consulting, support and engineering.
  • Frequently engaged to perform infrastructure upgrades of SANs, datacenter switches and vSphere clusters.
  • Performed migration projects for business services including email, databases and identity.
01/2011 - 12/2011
Microsoft Systems Administrator Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Responsible for design and maintenance of Active Directory, Exchange, and all other critical Microsoft services.
  • Migrated a 350,000 user environment from Exchange 2007 to a hybrid Office 365 and Exchange 2010 deployment.
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Clint Armstrong

Work Experience (continued)

2008 - 2011
Desktop Configuration Administrator Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Managed the centralized configuration of over 5000 workstations across campus.
  • Implemented and managed Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 for management of over 5000 workstations.
  • Implemented Microsoft Windows Deployment Services with a custom front-end to provide advanced automated imaging workflows for Support Technicians.
Desk-Side Support Technician Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
On-Site support technician
2005 - 2007
IT Technician Comstock Public Schools, Kalamazoo, MI
Remote and on-site support technician

Open Source

See my complete portfolio of open source work at
A docker network and IPAM plugin that connects containers to VXLANs using MacVLAN devices. Designed to be used with a routing protocol like BGP to coordinate IPAM across a cluster of hosts.
An ICMP library designed to ping multiple hosts efficiently in go. Improves on existing libraries by pinging multiple hosts while using a single raw-socket in the kernel.
A simple monitoring system that uses HTTP or TCP checks and logs data to Bosun.
A go library for common operations on IP addresses.
A go library for manipulating ZFS filesystems.
A salt module for generating random passwords and storing them in pass.
Wrote the x509 module and contributed several bug fixes.
containernetworking/plugins (CNI Networking)
Added functionality for managing mac addresses of connected containers