Random root passwords with saltstack.

Common passwords for devices is a significant security risk, but maintaining unique passwords for every server is nearly impossible without some password manager. But manually generating passwords for hundreds of servers and putting them into a password manager is just...

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FreeBSD Jails the hard way

There are many great options for managing FreeBSD Jails. iocage, warden and ez-jail aim to streamline the process and make it quick an easy to get going. But sometimes the tools built right into the OS are overlooked.

This post...

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Changing UPN to Email with Powershell

If you need a quick way to change the UPN of all your users in active directory to match their email address, PowerShell makes it easy.

$users = get-aduser -SearchBase "OU=Users,DC=ad,DC=contoso,DC=com" -Filter *...
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Creating a Secure Corporate Apt Repository with Salt

There are many reasons an organization could use it's own internal apt repository. But controlling access to this repository for clients that are outside your internal network can be difficult. But if your repository contains proprietary or confidential packages, securing...

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Embracing Binary for Beautiful Networks

During my time working for an MSP I got to see many different networks with many different techniques for mapping vlan numbers to subnets, but all of them left me dissatisfied. The biggest problem was that they were always destgned...

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Managing Users with Salt

This post has gone through a few iterations. You can see the full history on the github repo.

One of the great things about a configuration management solution like Salt is the ability to centrally manage local users. Sure LDAP...

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